About IQexams.net and its free IQ tests

IQexams always gives you free score reports. Over 100 fully scaled IQ tests from easy to very advanced. You are always guaranteed to get a free score report with both raw score and IQ level. Try the test directly without registering or sign up and collect your results in the personal member portal, using our advanced algorithms to calculate more exact IQ levels divided into different abilities and an overall Real IQ level calculation

We belive our method to let people test themselves many times, will give a more valid and accurate intelligens estimation than one single test result from a psychologist. It is both intriguing and good for the self awareness to do our tests.

Unlike virtually all other free online IQ test sites on the internet, our tests are very secure and we are using our advanced test engine that ensures very reliable scores. Many tests can be certified after some basic checks for more info see the certificate page.

The norms are set to be as realistic as possible but can in some cases have a slight preference for deflation. We are setting the norms by analyzing reported scores of various tests, the effort made on the tests, and the raw scores associated with different levels of cognitive ability. Reliability and statistical outliers will also be calculated and integrated into norming procedures, we also use pspp, z-values, excel to carefully calculate the norm. The first offcial norm is normally set after about 60 submissions for timed tests and 30 submissions for untimed tests

We use delayed emails to provide the score reports, the durations of the delays will depend on each testee's membership status. Testees can also pay to have a score report expedited to them immediately. The tests must be completed properly to be accepted and scored. We have many advanced functions in our testing software (that we can not reveal) that work to improve the quality and reliability of each measurement.

We are using pspp, spss and excel tools (as well as a number of our own developed tools) to analyze the test results, as is done by psychologists. Our goal is to create optimized IQ-tests with close to professional performance and accuracy.

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