IQIT Aptitude (IQ) Screening test price plan for Corporate and HR recruitment work.

IQ aka Aptitude tests are the best predictors for success at work; they are better than personality testing and job interviews. See, for instance, this article:Science says IQ may be the best predictor of your potential to excel at work — and no one wants to hear it.

IQexams tests are unique; they are fun to do and most people feel little or no anxiety due to the unusual generous time limits.

The tests present artistically styled questions that are fun and inspiring for the candidates to work with. All tests have full psychometric data that is carefully calculated with pspp and a set of internal tools.

Low volume, per candidate. 1-3 candidates per month

1 to 2 tests € 40

3 tests € 50*

4 tests € 55*

Medium volume, per candidate. 4-20 candidates per month

1 to 2 tests €20

3 tests €25*

4 tests € 27*

High volume, over 20 candidates per month. Price to be negotiated.

Paper test. Manual with instruction, psychometric data and Test form included

14 problems during 20 minutes €100

The selection of tests is free of choice, but we will send over already prepared and recommended mixes from our big selection of tests, those both visible at the IQexams main site and separate hidden tests. All tests that will be used for this kind of testing will be removed permanently from the IQexams site.

To implement IQIT screening tests, this procedure should be done prior to the job interview of the candidate.

1. IQIT gets the candidates' names and emails.

2. IQIT will perform aptitude screening tests with a neutral (or possibly company-adapted) web login page is sent to the candidates so the test can be done at home. The tests are sent in easy to difficult order, with two days provided between the solving of each test. This will reduce the anxiety of the candidate and increase the focus on the test.

3. After the test(s) is done, a result report is sent to your company. The report will contain Stanine and IQ SD15 results for each test. The report will also include a Real IQ calculation (not same as arithmetic mean) by combining all results.

4. Your company can proceed with the selection process for the best candidates.

*You only pay for the number of tests that are performed by a candidate according to the price plan. E.g. if you have ordered 4 tests and a candidate only did one, you need only to pay for one test.

Please contact IQIT admin for more information.

IQIT HB can not be held as responsible if the employment did not work as expected, based on our testing, see our screening tests as one of the tools you can use to narrow down to find best candidate