Certified tests from IQexams.net are currently accepted as admission criteria by the following High-IQ Societies:


(We have been accepted by other IQ Societies as well, most likely many more will accept, just check.)

Order certificate
1. Please send a separate E-mail to order@iqexams.net and let us first check if you have a valid test attempt.
2. We kindly ask you to also attach a certificate from at least one other IQ-test with a somewhat similar IQ score, or if you provide us with a link to another scoreboard.
3. If you are approved, we can proceed with the certificate. The price is set after membership level, please see: Membership & Prices
4. PLEASE NOTE! You must have done the test in a proper way to be approved, the test engine easily detects anomalites and indicate this to the IQexams admin. It is not fun for us to say no to certification, but sometimes we have to.