Certification Process

Certified tests from IQexams.net are accepted by some web based IQ societies and IQ score lists. These societies are constantly changeing, so we can not keep track of them. Instead, please check with the IQ societies adminstrators, if they approve IQexams certificates.

IQexams only view results reported by us, as formal and approved once they are certified by us, or in some cases externally certified from the authors of the tests on our site. Note that the automatic email score reports are not certificates and are not approved by us to use as certificated results.

Order certificate

Prerequisites for ordering a certificate for a single test result:
- You must be a Basic or Premium member.
- You must have taken at least Five tests at IQexams.
- Of the five, at least One should be untimed.

Prerequisites for ordering a certificate for your RIQ (Real IQ calculation):
- Same rules as above, with the exception: At least 15 test results in your personal portal.

If the above mentioned Prerequisites are fulfilled, please proceed with:
1. Send an email with your request to order@iqexams.net and let us first check if you have a valid test attempt.
Include in the email:
- Name and gender.
- A certificate from at least one other IQ-test with a somewhat similar IQ score.
- A list with some of your previous IQ results from other tests.
- A copy of national ID, like driving license or passport.
2. If you are approved, we can proceed with the certificate. The price is set after membership level, please see: Membership & Prices
3. PLEASE NOTE! You must have done the test in a proper way to be approved, the test engine easily detects anomalies and indicate this to the IQexams admin. It is not fun for us to say no to certification, but sometimes we have to.