This page is maintained by the brothers: Hans Sjöberg and Henrik Nilheim.

This website was built upon, which was originally created by 'Paul Christian' a.k.a 'Zolly Darko', and all the old tests here are made by him.
We took over the site in April of 2016 and will continue to add new and exciting IQ tests, particularly spatial ones.

Unlike virtually all other free online IQ test sites on the internet, our tests are very secure and we are using our advanced test engine that ensures very
reliable scores. A test can be certified after some basic checks.

The norms are set to be as realistic as possible but can in some cases have a slight preference for deflation. We are setting the norms by analyzing
reported scores of various tests, the effort made on the tests, and the raw scores associated with different levels of cognitive ability. Reliability and
statistical outliers will also be calculated and integrated into norming procedures, we also use pspp, z-values, excel to carefully calculate the norm.
The offcial norm is normally set after about 100 submissions

We use delayed emails to provide score reports, but the durations of the delays will depend on each testee's membership status. Testees can also pay to
have a score report expedited to them immediately. The tests must be completed properly to be accepted and scored. We have many advanced functions
in our testing software (that we can not reveal) that work to improve the quality and reliability of each measurement.

Hans Sjöberg has artistic skills and is creating the IQ Tests and new contents on the site.

Henrik Nilheim is handling the programming of the tests and is maintaining the contents of

Jean-Mathieu Calut is our supplier of the unique tool to calculate the psychometric data that is presented here. Please contact [email protected] about inquiries for using this tool.

We are using pspp, spss and excel tools (as well as a number of our own developed tools) to analyze the test results, as is done by psychologists. Our goal
is to create optimized IQ-tests with close to professional performance and accuracy. We have daily contacts with psychologists for guidance and advice.

Please contact us on: [email protected]