Disclaimer for IQexams cognitive test online

Please read the following information before taking tests at IQexams.net.

Remember that the tests at IQexams.net are quite hard and there is a risk that some of them will give you a somewhat deflated IQ result compared with your personal best scores at other tests. Do not involve personal feelings or prestige at IQ testing. Relax and feel good about yourself for what you are. Intellectual IQ talent is just one of many traits a human can have.

We appreciate that you are trying our tests. If you want to improve your results, the only hints we can give you are concentration and spending time (if the test is not timed).

The tests are made to be difficult and most of us will fail on some items, it is normal, otherwise it would not be an IQ-test.

Also note that these tests are not like a task in school where we at IQexams should act as teachers and provide solutions and explanations about how the different items are supposed to work.

All IQ results given by the tests here are preliminary and only estimations, unless we have a stated official norm. You are not allowed to share the answers with others.

Reverse engineering or score key cracking

We can easily detect and prevent attempts at "reverse engineering" to find out what the score key is for our latest tests. We use a sophisticated automatic detection against this kind of cheating. We may refuse to provide certificates, if this kind of bad behavour has been attempted.

Do the tests with your brain's cognitive abilities aimed for the IQ-test's Items, it is best for you and us at IQexams.net


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The images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission by IQIT HB and we ask you to respect this.

Data Protection Policy at IQexams.net

Personal Data

The term "personal data" refers to information that is expressly collected and used in order to determine your identity. This includes your name or e-mail address (that only some of our tests require). We store personal data only if you have provided them to us of your own free will, this can later be used to get a certificate, or for us to keep track of number of test attempts.

Transfer of Personal Data

The data collected at the tests will be used to set norms and to calculate psychometrics. The collected data will be used by IQexams.net and the external IQ tests creators that have tests here. Beside this, data will not be forwarded to any third parties in any other way, unless you have expressly agreed to this being done, or unless statutory provisions place us under obligation to forward them to public authorities.

Your Rights

As a user, you have the right to obtain information as regards your personal data that have been stored, at no charge, if you so request. Additionally, you are entitled to have these personal data corrected, blocked and deleted at any time you want, at no charge.


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Cheating policy

IQexams has the full rights, at any time without forewarning, to lock or remove accounts or scores that has been involved in score key cracking or cheating activities. There is no payback policy for the money that has been payed for these kinds of accounts or score reports, since it will cause unnecessary work for us.

Professional usage of IQexams scores.

IQIT HB does not take responsibility for how a private test taker may use the IQ results. At the time, these scores are theoretical and meant for informational and informal purposes only. Private IQexmas scores are not meant to be used for recruitment, if this is done IQexams is not taking any responsibility.