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Links to some of the Best IQ Tests Free to take

Tests by Xavier Jouve:

TRI 52
I Am a Word
Note! Tests at For PCs, Ruffle Flash Player must be installed, see

Free Tests with direct scoring:

Mensa norway test - by Olav
European IQ Test

Links to other High Range Test sites that we have been working together with:

High range IQ tests by Alexi Edin
High range IQ tests by Theodosis Prousalis
International Culture Fair Intelligence Test by Victor Hingsberg

Links to other High Range Tests:

I.Q. Tests for the High Range by Paul Cooijmans
IQ tests by Jason Betts
IQ tests by Iakovos Koukas: GIFT & GENE
IQ tests by Christian Backlund aka Zolly Darko
LDA-SWaN by Gianluigi Lombardi

IQ Societies that accept results from IQexams:

All high IQ societies of GENIUS high IQ network.
Dark Pavilion Society
Hidden Position
Leviathan 160
Misty Pavilion
Secret Society
Star Intellects
Venus High IQ Society
ENIGMA Society | IQ of at least 140 sd.15

Other Links


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