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- Challenging Timed Tests -

What to think about when testing!

We recommend starting with the three tests at the top marked “My First ….”, to help you become familiar with how our tests are administered. The first three tests have a normal level of difficulty and a modest time duration. Once you are familiar with our testing format, we invite you to try any test that you wish..

To find out more about a test, click on its info button. The difficulty of the test is indicated by the number of lightbulbs ranging from 1 to 5. One light bulb for an easy exam, all the way to five light bulbs for a challenging exam. The time required is stated in the general box. Please ensure that you have the required amount time set aside to enjoy an uninterrupted testing session.


Make sure that you have time and can work undisturbed.

To Start a Test.

Before you can start a test, you will need to enter your email address. Please ensure that you use the same email address for each test that you take. Using the same email address helps to maintain the integrity of our tests and our service. Please view our Membership service for more details.

While taking a Test.

Each question is displayed numerically at the top via the bullet bar. Answered questions will appear green. The current question that you are being presented will appear blue. Skipped questions will appear black and any unseen questions will appear grey. The remaining time is displayed in the top left corner.


Getting Your Result.

After completing the test push the Submit button. Once your result has been generated it will be sent to your email address. We provide all results for free after a grace period. If you'd prefer to get your result immediately, you can purchase your result for a small fee and by pass the mandatory grace period.


In addition, we offer membership plans that include many features such as your own personalized testing portal. Listed within your personalized testing portal are each of the tests you've taken, your score for each test, and a calculation of your Real Intelligence Quotient (or RIQ). Please view our Membership service for more details.

Spatial, Numerical, Verbal and Perception Tests

We have four different types of tests, do some testing and find out what your prefernce is

Spatial tests are figure based with multiple choice answers. These tests are considered culture fair and are best suited for beginners. Use the visual clues to help you devise the appropriate solution.

Numerical tests are a bit trickier than spatial tests and can either have a text field for you to enter an answer, or are multiple choice. You want to use the numerical pattern or series being presented to arrive at the correct answer. You are allowed to use a calculator for all of our numerical tests.

Verbal tests are among our most popular. All our verbal tests are presented in English. You are allowed to use translation tools such as Google Translate for any of our Untimed Exams.

Perception tests. These tests will present to you a variety of images and it is your task to determine what each image is. Perception tests are new and innovative and we are proud to offer them.